standard-title Park Information Streaky Bay Islands Caravan Park rules

Park Information

Streaky Bay Islands Caravan Park rules


Please check at reception for tourist drive information and current activities or events.

Kayak Hire

Details at reception.

Park water supply

The water supplied to the sites for drinking and showering is produced from desalinated seawater. The water quality is good. No chemicals are use in the processing of the water.

Damage to the local environment is nil. Please respect this precious resource. The gardens and toilets use recycled treated storm water collected from our road catchment. Please keep our storm drains free of contaminants such as oils and waste products. Additional water supplies are available from the Lion’s park in town (opposite to the silos).

Park Managers

Our park managers are keen to make your stay a pleasant one. Please talk to them on any issues concerning your stay or for tourist information.

Discounted Park Rates

These apply each and every day.

We do not hike our prices for Christmas, Easter or other public holidays!

Our prices remain the same all year round except for special offers for multiple day stays or low season promotions.

Please call for details on current offers.